35 years of working with wood I have always enjoyed working with wood and kept it mostly as a hobbie while working with the BC Forest Service as an Area Forester. I started building canoes at age 16 with my brother. The connection with the Forest Service allowed me an opportunity to help in building 14 of the 25   2010 olympic poduims along with a collegue James Murphy. The woodturning has been a specialty in the last 20 years as I have seen demos from many world class woodturners. I have been passing on this knowledge by teaching classes (see link for a course outline) to new turners, taken an active roll in the local woodturners guild and offering woodturning demos to goups of interested woodturners. It’s only in the last year where I have retired from The BC Forest Service that I have had time to devote to more woodworking, specifically building rustic furniture with Al Vande Originals and helping Karl at Classic Sound with the design and and production of  turn table plinths made of figured and exotic woods. If you are interested in woodturning lessons or demos for your group please contact me. Thanks 2011 Made with Xara