My objective in any piece of art, whether bowl, furniture, platter or vase is to create a beautiful work with smooth clean flowing lines. It is in the designing stage of each creation that I first conceive the pieces’s simple form, balance, and embellishments. Many times I rely on the natural beauty of the colour, figure, or grain of the wood  itself and enhance it through clear finishes. Where the wood is less expressive, I focus on adding texture, color, gilding or turned texture. I use a variety of woods for my work although I prefer the local wood of south western British Columbia. The majority of my turned work is in the form of a hollow vessel and decorative platters. Then in an effort to branch out into other areas I take on new projects such as the drums and fly rod handles shown above. I have been creating some nice plinths for vintage turn tables at Classic Sound Every year there are new turners wanting to gain new skills in woodturning. I have put on demos at Bow River Woods and at the Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild as well as private classes. The rewards happen when a new turner “catches on to a new technique”. You know when that happens! Teaching the Craft Recent Work 2011 Made with Xara