Here is something new to North America  Linda from New Jersey discovered this in Mexico. That’s right it’s a monster spoon used at restaraunts to serve your food. $125 These reel seats for fly rods are designed for amundson hardware both 0.50” OD. with wood species choices of Maple Burl, orangish yew and the green colored smoke tree. See Keith in Kamloops BC for you custom rod with these inserts. $13/pc  for 1-5 $11/pc for 6-10 $9/pc for 11-20 2011 Made with Xara I recently did a demo on making these burl pedestal platters at the local Woodturning guild. If you are interested in tackling this project see the link below for free instruction, good luck. The price below is if you want to purchase the platter. $165